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Blood Red and the Cadaver

By mybostinks in Culture
Sat Dec 16, 2006 at 12:00:00 PM EST
Tags: NO YUO, cadavers, bodies, intercourse, BJs (all tags)

I worked for a time in the student government building. I was a shitty custodian. Every week I waxed and buffed the floors. I hated it and I hated it worse during the Winter. I could put a shine on it so glossy that you could look up women's skirts from the floor on a busy day; If you were at the right angle. Problem was, the minute there was snow outside, people would track mud and water in and grind it into my beautiful buffed floor. Then some asshole from student government would bitch about how fucked the floor looked. I couldn't mop a floor to save my ass but I could sure put a shine on the tile in the entrance.

Every Saturday, I would mop the place down and then strip the old wax off with a buffer and a plastic scouring pad that went on the bottom. I knew a midget on campus and for a few bucks and a six pack, I could get him to sit on the buffer while I stripped and buffed the place. He would drink beer and read The Iliad; go figure.

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He had nothing better to do and I had a floor to wax and he was the proper weight. I would spray a little water on it and it would shine like glass.

The real bitch though was cleaning the restrooms. Sometimes it was fun, even when I caught chicks giving their boyfriends blowjobs in the ladies room.

"Don't mind me man," I would say, "I'm next." Then I would hear rustling of clothes and zippers. Next the two would emerge from the door in 20 seconds flat, looking at the floor and walking fast. It was a hoot.


One Saturday I walked into the second floor women's restroom to clean it like I usually did before waxing the floors. It was freaky when I went into the first stall. I was shocked. It looked like the St. Valentine's Day massacre happen in the stall. There was blood all over the place. Blood on the sides of the stall, it covered the floor, the toilet and toilet seat. It was everywhere. It looked like someone was chainsaw massacred in it yet, there was no body.

I ran down the hall and call the campus cops. They were on the scene immediately, surveying the stall. They were puzzled as well and marked the bathroom as a crime scene and called the city police. Another cop shows up with a detective. It took them 5 minutes to figure out it was menstrual blood. I couldn't believe some bitch was that nasty with a used tampon. It took me a full two hours to clean the dried crap off of everything. I always wondered why some bitch would do that.


They finally hired me some help. She was pretty, worked as hard as I did and we worked well together. We could kick out that building in half a day on Saturdays. We were a good team. To keep things interesting we would have cleaning contests to make the time go by quicker and have a little fun.

She started to grow on me. Needless to say I dumped the midget riding on my buffing machine and picked up the new custodian chick. It was thrills and chills on the buffing machine on Saturdays. She didn't mind. Maybe there was something about riding on it she liked. I never asked though.

Next to the student government building where we worked, was what we called the cadaver building. It belonged to the medical school and my co-worker was one of the few people that didn't mind going in there and cleaning it. I was curious at first. Because of my liberal arts major, I didn't need to take anatomy unless I took it as an elective; I elected not to.

The anatomy building was not advertised as such. It was just there in the back of the parking lot. Some people knew what it was but most didn't. The building was where all the anatomy classes were held. She was pre-med and had taken the course so it didn't spook her to go in there at nights to clean the small barracks-sized building.

"Have you ever taken anatomy?" she said one evening when we had finished for the day. "It's a pretty cool place." she said, "We give 'em all names. We don't know who they really were. They gave us all a great gift, they donated their bodies to science."

"No," I said, "and I don't plan to start. I don't care about their contributions to science either." She would sheepishly grin when I said that and then she would go into the building and emerge about an hour later.

I don't know but what kind of chick would get off on working with and being around cadavers? "I could sure pick 'em." I thought. But she was becoming too attractive to me to simply ignore.

It took its form in the nature of joking around that I did while working together. I am not the kind that goes into a bar and starts asking every single looking lady if she wanted to go home with me and get it on. With my co-worker that was as far as it would go though and never any further. I toyed around with the idea but I didn't want to seem too available. That is, until one night.

"Come on," she said, "let's go inside the anatomy building. I really wanna show you around there."

"Naw no fuckin' way babe. It's too weird for me."


She finally talked me into it. It was my curiosity more than anything that drove me to do it. When I entered I didn't know what to do at first. I stood around and looked. It was one large room with a slab and a high intensity light above it. There various gadgets and tools I assumed that were used for dissecting cadavers. It was hard to tell what the sex was of the cadaver.

"When class first started," she said, "we named her Molly. We took suggestions and then voted on a name and that is what we decided on."

"So you give them names?" I asked.

"I guess it is tradition to do that." she replied, "It makes it a little more personal while you are working on their bodies."

I didn't know what to think, as I looked around the room. It looked clean and didn't look like it ever needed an hour's work that she committed to it every day.

"Oh," she said, "I sometimes just come in here and talk to her and look at her."

I know people do this at cemeteries, I guess it is a catharsis for them. But this was a cadaver. Not anyone that she knew.

We stood there for a little while. She went over to the cadaver and started talking to it. She didn't say much but I thought it was freaky weird. Then she walks over to me, stands very close to me and says "Let's make love in here." she said, "Over there in that chair."

That floored me. She was hot but not that hot. Some chicks like a candlelit bedroom. This one liked a cadaver in the room. "I've never done it in here before." she said. "I think it would be kinda fun, doncha think?"

"Why don't we go back into the student government building and screw?" I said.

The idea didn't particularly turn me on though. But I thought if this was the only way I could get a blowjob...well.......

"Come on, it'll be fun." she said. Then she started rubbing me. I couldn't resist.


I had to admit, at the time it was one of the most soulful screwing I'd had up to that point. She got into it with abandon. At first my mind wasn't on it but I quickly forgot about the cadaver lying on the table across the room.

After we finished and got dressed, we started cleaning up any evidence that we were there.

"Don't turn out the lights yet." she said. "I wanna say goodbye to my aunt."

Comments from the diary entry here.

Once again BottleRocket makes a great comment...it is a jewel.


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Blood Red and the Cadaver | 33 comments (25 topical, 8 editorial, 4 hidden)
Dead Bodies in the queue (2.11 / 9) (#1)
by KizzMyFooknAzz on Sat Dec 16, 2006 at 04:30:10 PM EST

will definitely get +FP from me as I love Dead Bodies! Also, it is very well done!

Reminds me of that movie (2.60 / 5) (#3)
by livus on Sat Dec 16, 2006 at 06:31:38 PM EST


"Even though Matt doesn't fully understand Sandra's reasons, curiosity drives him to do what he can to insinuate himself into her private world."

How weird, the actress who plays Sandra is named Molly, too. However, it's more about corpse-fucking. And how does a woman have sex with a corpse, we ask? She uses their noses.

HIREZ substitute.
be concrete asshole, or shut up. - CTS
I guess I skipped school or something to drink on the internet? - lonelyhobo
I'd like to hope that any impression you got about us from internet forums was incorrect. - debillitatus
I consider myself trolled more or less just by visiting the site. HollyHopDrive

I believe u r referring 2 (3.00 / 4) (#6)
by nostalgiphile on Sat Dec 16, 2006 at 10:31:21 PM EST

this Molly, if i'm not mistaken(?). One hot necrophiliac.

"Depending on your perspective you are an optimist or a pessimist[,] and a hopeless one too." --trhurler
[ Parent ]
ROR...Yes I think so.../nt (2.00 / 2) (#7)
by mybostinks on Sat Dec 16, 2006 at 10:43:10 PM EST

[ Parent ]
You can have her Nost; (2.50 / 2) (#11)
by livus on Sun Dec 17, 2006 at 02:04:43 AM EST

I don't want her.  

Hmm which film has the best kinky lady:

Trouble Every Day

HIREZ substitute.
be concrete asshole, or shut up. - CTS
I guess I skipped school or something to drink on the internet? - lonelyhobo
I'd like to hope that any impression you got about us from internet forums was incorrect. - debillitatus
I consider myself trolled more or less just by visiting the site. HollyHopDrive

[ Parent ]

WIPO (2.50 / 2) (#12)
by nostalgiphile on Sun Dec 17, 2006 at 03:07:35 AM EST

correct answer is Michelle Reiss in Fallen Angels (1997), by Wong Kar Wai; referring of course to this part, where Reis (in fishnet stockings and leather cleaning-lady outfit) gets so excited by sifting through the Killer's garbage that she has to masturbate on his bed while still smoking a cig. Not exactly necrophilia, but hot chicks smoking cigs and pleasuring themselves at the same time always kinda gets me pulse up there.

"Depending on your perspective you are an optimist or a pessimist[,] and a hopeless one too." --trhurler
[ Parent ]
dude (2.66 / 3) (#13)
by the spins on Sun Dec 17, 2006 at 09:32:01 AM EST

there is something seriously fucked up about wong kar wai.

( )

[ Parent ]

oh ok (2.50 / 2) (#18)
by livus on Sun Dec 17, 2006 at 05:58:03 PM EST

Im not all that familiar with Wong Kar Wai's work - it's on my to-watch list though.

HIREZ substitute.
be concrete asshole, or shut up. - CTS
I guess I skipped school or something to drink on the internet? - lonelyhobo
I'd like to hope that any impression you got about us from internet forums was incorrect. - debillitatus
I consider myself trolled more or less just by visiting the site. HollyHopDrive

[ Parent ]
more at/on Molly (3.00 / 6) (#9)
by nostalgiphile on Sun Dec 17, 2006 at 01:10:16 AM EST

Just as I was thinking this allegedly post-living Molly chick would re-animate and I'd get to read my first faux necrophiliac menage a trois story on K5, you pop this "soulful fucking" crap on me. I was at least expecting teh midget to show up. Great story anyways, +1FP u fucking bastard.

"Depending on your perspective you are an optimist or a pessimist[,] and a hopeless one too." --trhurler
oh gawd... (none / 1) (#10)
by mybostinks on Sun Dec 17, 2006 at 01:18:32 AM EST

you're as sicko as I am.

[ Parent ]
I made a discovery (2.85 / 7) (#19)
by nostalgiphile on Mon Dec 18, 2006 at 05:29:59 AM EST

if more real sex stories were told as horror stories and if more horror stories were told as scifi sex stories and if more science fiction sex stories were told as horror sex stories...hell, you get the point: we'd have a veritable K5 renaissance on our hands! And yeah, let there me more lesbians and medical and/or high-voltage imagery in the new varieagated sex horror scifi stories too! (nod to Psycho Dave and horseskin spacesuit). This comment is TOPICAL.

"Depending on your perspective you are an optimist or a pessimist[,] and a hopeless one too." --trhurler
I agree with that..../nt (2.33 / 3) (#20)
by mybostinks on Mon Dec 18, 2006 at 09:50:16 AM EST

[ Parent ]
Wow, this takes me back (3.00 / 4) (#21)
by Kasreyn on Mon Dec 18, 2006 at 06:00:55 PM EST

Brings a nostalgic tear to my eye, in fact.

Thanks for the memories.

"Extenuating circumstance to be mentioned on Judgement Day:
We never asked to be born in the first place."

R.I.P. Kurt. You will be missed.
Get it on! (2.80 / 5) (#23)
by Tyfooon on Tue Dec 19, 2006 at 11:54:35 AM EST

Cadavers don't care what goes on around them. Why not "get it on" anywhere you want to as long as no kids can walk in on you....or your boss. That midget was probably smiling too. Sounds like a win-win situation for all involved. WoooHoooo! :)

OOOOH DEAD BODIES (1.50 / 2) (#25)
by ljazbec on Sun Dec 24, 2006 at 08:28:09 PM EST

Yeah, this anatomy stuff, I dunno. I study medicine and we've got anatomy class, and we do play around with dead people. So far, though, we've only played around with their body parts precut, like hands and feet and half a chest cavity.

We usually crack jokes about 'what if we stole this here hand and left it at one of the bridges in the old part of town?' or 'hey man, this smells just like chinese food' or 'that bone reminds me of a chicken wing'.

Although that shit they use to preserve these parts - GODDAMN. I went to some crazy party once, got drunk like fuck, got home, slept an hour, then went to anatomy class. Believe me, you do not want to smell that 98% alcohol and whatnot mixture when you're hungover like fuck.

awesome, dude /nt (none / 1) (#26)
by mybostinks on Mon Dec 25, 2006 at 12:25:34 AM EST

[ Parent ]
+1fp (2.50 / 2) (#27)
by 7h3647h32in6 on Wed Dec 27, 2006 at 01:08:08 PM EST

Great story, however, IT NEEDS MORE ZOMBIES!

so the cadaver in the room was naked? (none / 1) (#28)
by newb4b0 on Mon Jan 08, 2007 at 07:27:16 PM EST

or had a sheet on it. And was it all cut up already?

It was really her aunt?

Did you bring the KY the next night and get 'er auntie?!

http://www.netmoneychat.com| NetMoneyChat Forums. No Registration necessary. Ya'll.

it was covered (2.33 / 3) (#29)
by mybostinks on Tue Jan 09, 2007 at 11:21:21 PM EST

with plastic if I remember. Yes they had been working on it. She claimed it was her aunt. I was too spooked about it all at the time to pay much attention to it.

[ Parent ]
She was probably... (none / 1) (#33)
by Calalily on Sat Aug 04, 2007 at 01:20:28 AM EST

messing with your head.

We are maggots tunneling through a rotting corpse. QuantumFoam
[ Parent ]
Blood Red and the Cadaver | 33 comments (25 topical, 8 editorial, 4 hidden)
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