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The $200 Dollar Bill!

By Captain_Tenille in MLP
Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 02:56:31 PM EST
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Yahoo has a picture of the front of the $200 bill that somebody used to buy a $2 order at a Dairy Queen in Kentucky. A cashier even gave the person using the bill $198 dollars in change.

According to earlier reports, whoever passed this note won't even be charged with counterfeiting; it is such a fake, all he faces is "failure to pay".

Look for things on the bill like "Moral Reserve Note", "The Right to Bear Arms", Reagan's and Bush the Father's signatures, and more!


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The $200 Dollar Bill! | 23 comments (23 topical, editorial, 0 hidden)
ROFL! (+1 to section btw) (3.00 / 1) (#1)
by Mantrid on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 01:27:02 PM EST

That's some funny stuff...was it Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel's wife or someting that gave change?

Sounds like a college prank or something. Wonder if the $198 comes out of the DQ workers pay?

Well. . . (3.00 / 1) (#4)
by Anonymous 242 on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 01:36:08 PM EST

About five years ago, some poor bloke got arrested in my home town (Dayton, Ohio) for using a two dollar bill at the grocery store. I'm not sure who to put the blame on, the cashier who spotted the "phony" money or the cop that had never heard of a $2 bill and took the guy in for counterfeiting.

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Probably seen this one before... (4.00 / 1) (#7)
by squigly on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 02:00:54 PM EST

But for the two nepalese goat herders who haven't - The taco bell 2 dollar bill story

Now get back to herding goats you two

People who sig other people have nothing intelligent to say for themselves - anonimouse
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taco bell (3.00 / 1) (#8)
by dze27 on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 02:03:33 PM EST

Sounds similar to the famous Taco Bell story.

"Luck is the residue of design" -- Branch Rickey

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Making lemonade... (3.00 / 2) (#2)
by ucblockhead on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 01:29:25 PM EST

Dairy Queen should sell it on e-Bay. They'd end up with a lot more than the $200 they lost...

Seriously, though, I'd assume this guy could be charged for worse then "failure to pay" given that he got change. Fraud of some sort, I'd guess.
This is k5. We're all tools - duxup
I Believe The Implication Was... (none / 0) (#6)
by Captain_Tenille on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 01:55:51 PM EST

... that the guy wouldn't be up on counterfeiting law violations. I think that the penalties for fraud are a little less onerous than counterfeiting (ala, the Secret Service doesn't pay you a visit).
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both sides (4.75 / 4) (#3)
by Defect on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 01:29:26 PM EST


The back of it is a lot more ridiculous
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bad quality photo (none / 0) (#5)
by pallex on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 01:43:39 PM EST

any chance of a 1024x768 bmp file??? please??? :)

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Nyuck Nyuck (3.00 / 1) (#9)
by da_unicorn on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 02:11:54 PM EST

I laughed for 15 minutes when I saw this on CNN when it first happened.

"Hey, Bubba, y'all got change of a two hunnert dollar bill?".. "Yup, Bobby Joe, I got 66 $3 bills and couple a ones".

Couldn't help it.

Aparently the intelligence of the planet is static but the population keeps growing geometrically.

It is probably worth a lot more than $200 to a collector as noted in another comment.


Artwork as payment? (4.00 / 1) (#10)
by Cheerio Boy on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 02:17:14 PM EST

IIRC wasn't there a guy who did this and told people that it was artwork and that they were trading services for his art?

I think the government tried to charge him with forgery but couldn't do it because he made sure that all the people involved knew it was an open contract for special services.

(I'ts amazing what I get back out of my personal bit-bucket. *grin*)

Similar (none / 0) (#11)
by Malk-a-mite on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 02:21:01 PM EST

The art work in question was a hand done near perfect version of the front of a one hundred dollar bill.

The back was blank (or the artist's autograph IIRC).

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If I remember correctly... (4.00 / 1) (#23)
by Armaphine on Thu Feb 08, 2001 at 03:39:07 PM EST

If it the same guy I remember from the old Nova special, he put his thumbprint on the back.

Question authority. Don't ask why, just do it.
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JSG Boggs is the artist (4.00 / 1) (#13)
by mpa000 on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 03:12:41 PM EST

It made a bit of a stink here in Pittsburgh (and got the Secret Service, Scotland Yard and the US Courts involved) a few years ago. He's got his description of how it went down at www.jsgboggs.com.

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Funny Money (2.50 / 2) (#12)
by Osiris on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 02:31:45 PM EST

People are really bizarre about money. Ever try to pay for something with a two dollar bill or one of the new gold dollar coins? At least around here, you often get looks like you are a whacko. I guess this is the other extreme, being too trusting :)

I've been using $2 bills lately. (5.00 / 1) (#14)
by antizeus on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 03:19:45 PM EST

I used to horde $2 bills like I do with Bicentennial coins and other uncommon forms of currency. Recently I went to the bank to trade in some pennies. nickles, and dimes for quarters (I was running out of laundry money). While I was there I asked for some $2 bills, figuring that they might have a few on hand. It turned out that they had plenty, so I got 20 of them and have been spending them. I haven't gotten any funny looks so far (maybe the Taco Bell story has spread far enough by now), but all the cashiers have to do something unusual to put the bills in the register -- sometimes putting them under the $20 bills, sometimes under the cash tray itself.

I encourage everyone in the USA to get a bunch of $2 bills and help circulate them. It's a shame that a fine president like Thomas Jefferson is on such an infrequently used bill.
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Dollar coins (4.00 / 1) (#16)
by Corwin on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 05:29:53 PM EST

Tsk... you Americans. We Canadians got past our $2 bill stage ages ago. Heck, we even moved to $2 coins! In fact, I have several of them in my pocket right now. This has nothing to do with me walking lopsided, incidentially.

Of course, we still haven't been able to decide on what to call them (They've only been around since 1996). The general consensus seems to have fallen on "twoonie" or "toonie" (as opposed to our one-dollar coin, the "loonie" so named for the loon on its face) but I insist on calling it a doubloon. Much more classy.

If "toonie" becomes official, I might leave the country.

I'm in search of myself. Have you seen me anywhere?
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Classy? (none / 0) (#17)
by tzanger on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 07:57:44 PM EST

Of course, we still haven't been able to decide on what to call them (They've only been around since 1996). The general consensus seems to have fallen on "twoonie" or "toonie" (as opposed to our one-dollar coin, the "loonie" so named for the loon on its face) but I insist on calling it a doubloon. Much more classy.

I'm just pissed that it's a picture of two polar bears instead of two male deer.

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No More Coins! (none / 0) (#18)
by DigDug on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 09:21:52 PM EST

Am I the only one who hates coins? A dollar bill fits nicely into my wallet. A dollar coin jingles in my pocket and ends up staying on the desk when I put things back into my pockets in the morning. I rarely find myself paying with exact change at a cash register, so coins tend to pile up.

My only solution so far is dumping a bunch of coins into the little compartment in my car and using them for tolls or buying stuff in a vending machine. However, dollar coins don't work here, since most automated money-related hardware doesn't recognize dollar coins. Chicken and egg, I suppose.

Yavista - if you haven't found a nice homepage yet.

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My $2 story (4.00 / 1) (#20)
by onyxruby on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 09:40:26 PM EST

Several years ago I had borrowed $200 from my sister. I was going to be able to repay it about a week early, so I wanted to have fun with things. I went to the bank, gave them a pair of hundred dollar bills, and asked for 100 new $2 bills. The bank obliged with many curious looks, and I took the money to my sisters house. While she was gone I set the bills, one about a foot apart from the next, throughout her house. I started at her landing, up the stairs, through her kitchen, living room, into the bedroom, as well as down the stairs, and over half the basement. I'm told it took her almost a half hour to pick them all up, and twice as long to stop cursing my name. I believe she still has one of them.

The moon is covered with the results of astronomical odds.
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Gold Dollar coins... (none / 0) (#15)
by Cheerio Boy on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 03:58:11 PM EST

I actually like to pay with these!
It's great!

Until they started the TV commecrials most people would do things like call the bank to verify that they were real coins - some banks told them not to accept them!

These are also good for going to Rennaisance events in costume. I love plunking gold down for items at the Faire. ;-)

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The Woz' $2 bills in las vegas... (3.50 / 4) (#19)
by SvnLyrBrto on Wed Feb 07, 2001 at 09:36:25 PM EST

A couple of others here have already linked to the infamous Taco Bell incident.

Well, I gotcha beat.... A Las Vegas casino manager AND a US *Secret Service* agent, both of whom thought thet STEVE WOZNIAK was counterfitting $2 bills!!!!!!

Read about it on woz.org

Now, considering that The Woz is ridiculously rich, *and* an *INFAMOUS* prankster, I've really got to wonder: what kind of cretinous semian would actually imagine that Steve Wozniak, of all people, would resort to counterfiting.... of $2 bills no less?!?!?!?

I sure as hell know that if a co-founder of Apple Computer (hell, EITHER Steve, for that matter, but ESPECIALLY The Woz), gave *ME* a $2 bill, I'd ask him to sign it and get it framed, not call in the secret service goon squad. Hell, if The Woz *DID* try to give me counterfit cash, I'd STILL keep it as a souvineer, and not call in the feds.

I tell ya... las vegas has got to be pulling down the average AND total IQ in the US.


Imagine all the people...

Critters on Canadian money (1.50 / 2) (#21)
by ZanThrax on Thu Feb 08, 2001 at 12:58:46 AM EST

I would like to point out that the new series of Canadian bills that started coming out about a month ago will no longer have wildlife on them. I for one will miss them.

Before flying off the handle over the suggestion that your a cocksucker, be sure that you do not, in fact, have a cock in your mouth.

Mind-numbing job vs. attention span (none / 0) (#22)
by sera on Thu Feb 08, 2001 at 10:20:38 AM EST

This is a pretty funny story, but as much fun as it is snickering at those Kentucky yokels, let's keep in mind that it was someone working at Dairy Queen. This is pretty repetitive, mind-numbing work. And I think that a person of average intelligence in that situation -- or even one of us smarty-pants K5ers -- would easily make the same mistake. Because if you do this all day, why would you pay attention to much of anything? The lesson may not be "Southern fast-food workers are stupid" as much as "Repetitive, mind-numbing work makes you stupid."

Just my obligatory crypto-Marxist .02.

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The $200 Dollar Bill! | 23 comments (23 topical, 0 editorial, 0 hidden)
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