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Need Cisco Help?

By theR in MLP
Fri Apr 13, 2001 at 12:10:46 AM EST
Tags: Humour (all tags)

Do you need help with Cisco products? Do you just want to stay up to date on the latest and greatest when it comes to Cisco? Are you a fiend for information about their products and how to effectively use them? Then I highly recommend routergod.com, an online magazine for all things Cisco.

There are celebrity columns and interviews about Cisco products and their configurations. Not only are the celebrity interviews hilarious, but they truly are accurate, from a technology standpoint, and somewhat informative.

For instance, take a look at "Seven of Nine" Lectures on OSPF, Gary Coleman Explains Priority Queueing, and Cisco Psychic Helpdesk. Cisco password recovery was never this funny when I learned it. Did you know Anna Nicole Smith has more than 400 Catalyst switches? If not, take a look. Technology made funny is always good in my book.


Voxel dot net
o Managed Hosting
o VoxCAST Content Delivery
o Raw Infrastructure


I (the reader) am:
o A helpdesk analyst. 2%
o A systems administrator. 4%
o A network administrator. 5%
o A systems engineer. 4%
o A network engineer. 4%
o Aren't all those the same thing? 44%
o Computers are for play, not for work. 12%
o I decline to exercise my right to vote in this poll. 22%

Votes: 74
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Need Cisco Help? | 2 comments (2 topical, editorial, 0 hidden)
Hey, where's Mr. T? (2.33 / 3) (#1)
by Mr. Piccolo on Wed Apr 11, 2001 at 06:56:45 PM EST

I pity the fool who does a site like this and then fails to put in an article by Mr. T!

The BBC would like to apologise for the following comment.

My favorite Cisco story (4.00 / 2) (#2)
by RangerBob on Thu Apr 12, 2001 at 11:14:21 AM EST

When I was a student at UM-Rolla, I tried calling the helpdesk there one night because the Cicso pool was messed up and I couldn't dial in. Now, UMR admittedly doesn't put the brightest of people on its student helpdesk. When I called and asked them if there was a problem with the Cisco modems, some foreign guy told me that I had a wrong number and that they weren't a supermarket (although Cisco branded cooking oil would be cool also ;).

Need Cisco Help? | 2 comments (2 topical, 0 editorial, 0 hidden)
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