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Microsoft's Internet Security Assistant

By DeadBaby in MLP
Sat Aug 18, 2001 at 12:33:12 AM EST
Tags: Internet (all tags)

In response to Code Red and other various Microsoft viruses, they've put a tool on-line to let you easily scan your system for the most common configuration errors and also to keep your software updated with the latest hot fixes. It's similar to the command line tool they released last week but far more complete.

I just finished running the test on my Win2k SP2 system, it found a problem with anonymous users being able to list system info, (though RPC I assume?) a problem with one of my passwords, (too short) and a few missing hot fixes.

It covers:

  • Hot Fixes and Service Packs
  • Office XP
  • Outlook Express
  • Password quality (length and strength)
  • SMB Share security
  • Local account security
  • Local service security/status
  • Overall, it's a pretty nice tool that can help keep Microsoft systems up-to-date, since obviously everyone is having a hard time doing so. (including Microsoft) I'll be curious to hear from everyone how bad or good their system faired.

    Microsoft Personal Security Advisor


    Voxel dot net
    o Managed Hosting
    o VoxCAST Content Delivery
    o Raw Infrastructure


    Microsoft's security is getting:
    o Worse 21%
    o Better 17%
    o Plain text 10%
    o Apache logs full, no time to vote. 51%

    Votes: 47
    Results | Other Polls

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    Microsoft's Internet Security Assistant | 5 comments (1 topical, 4 editorial, 0 hidden)
    Just how good is it, really? (3.00 / 2) (#5)
    by Anonymous 242 on Fri Aug 17, 2001 at 04:13:31 PM EST

    Enquiring minds want to know


    Microsoft's Internet Security Assistant | 5 comments (1 topical, 4 editorial, 0 hidden)
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