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C# to Standardize?

By rusty in News
Tue Oct 03, 2000 at 06:31:28 PM EST
Tags: Software (all tags)

It appears that Microsoft is seeking to make C# and CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) an ECMA standard, according to their proposal to the ECMA TC39 working group. Some of the discussion in the minutes of the meeting is very interesting, including the fact that MS has an implementation of CLI on at least one non-MS platform, and is "considering" an open-source implementation.

From the minutes of the ECMA meeting, linked above:
Bill Gibbons: conventional wisdom has it that standardization shouldn't start until there at least 2 independent implementations. What is the situation with regards to C# and CLI.

Tony: Microsoft is working on two implementations.

Bill: it would be good to see an implementation from another company such as HP.

Tony: we are interested in working with other companies to encourage the development of other implementations.

Jim Miller: Microsoft's two implementations are largely independent, although there is some code overlap for the class libraries.

Tony: we are working towards an open source implementation, but we don't intend to tag this as a "reference implementation".

"Tony" here is Microsoft's Tony Goodhew, who clarifies his statements somewhat in an email to the DOTNET-DISCUSS mailing list. From the email:
Additionally I was asked about open-source implementations, specifically a reference implementation. The sponsors of this project are considering an open-source implementation but have not made any decisions yet. In terms of releasing a reference implementation, it is the intention of the sponsors to work towards a full specification and not reference the solution to ambiguities to a particular implementation. This is fundamentally different from what has been suggested previously by some other companies.
Is this a real move toward standards-compliance, or are the vague noises about "an open source implementation" just aimed at discouraging a non-Microsoft open source implementation? Or both?


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C# to Standardize?


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