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/dev/null/nethack 2000 Starting

By Arkady in News
Tue Oct 31, 2000 at 10:32:11 AM EST
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You Know...

Following up on an earlier News item which I posted here, the Annual /dev/null NetHack Tournament will be open at midnight Halloween (in Pacific [whatever] Time).

Thanks to the respondants from the earlier News bit, this year we're starting with three game servers: 1 in California, 1 in New York and 1 in Australia. The new servers are volunteers from K5 readers, so I definitely want to thank y'all for that.

This is /dev/null's second annual NetHack Tournament; last year's had about 300 players from 4 continent's and ended with winners on three of those four.

The "standard" prizes will go to:

  • Highest Score
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Hisghest Score in each class

The "additional" prizes will go to:

  • Most Ascensions
  • Lowest Scored Ascension

We're completely open to adding new additional prizes (the Tournament tended to reconstruct itself as it ran last year, too), so feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind.


Voxel dot net
o Managed Hosting
o VoxCAST Content Delivery
o Raw Infrastructure


My favorite terminal-based adventure game is:
o Hack 0%
o Rogue 7%
o Angband 9%
o NetHack 43%
o Slash 4%
o I don't know any 8%
o I don't play terminal-based games 15%
o I don't care 9%

Votes: 112
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