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Vinton Cerf new head of ICANN

By sugarman in News
Sat Nov 18, 2000 at 01:21:17 AM EST
Tags: Internet (all tags)

Amongt all the furor of the seven new TLDs, ICANN also announced that Vinton Cerf will be the new Chairman. Details are from CNet

Vinton Cerf is a former professor at Stanford who worked on the TCP/IP protocols and later ARPANET. But he is also currently a Senior VP at MCI/Worldcom. His attitude definetly seems to be pro- big-business and capitalism.

Among some quotes:

ICANN's role, he said, should be limited to finding a replacement for running a domain suffix should the initial company fail to make money.
"We can't manage this whole process so that the Internet can't grow," Cerf said. "We have to make sure the engine keeps going. We still have to find a way to make this process more mechanical."
So, will this be a good thing or not for the net? Has the net been effectively given straight into the arms of the corporations, even more so than before? Or will a man who has a deep technical understanding of the issues involved be able to right the ship?


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How will the net be with Vint as head of ICANN?
o Transcendent 3%
o Avaricious 20%
o Noble 7%
o Benevolent 15%
o "We're on an Express Elevator to Hell!" 52%

Votes: 53
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Vinton Cerf new head of ICANN | 6 comments (3 topical, 3 editorial, 0 hidden)
Topical and editorial, againl (3.00 / 6) (#1)
by Demona on Fri Nov 17, 2000 at 05:34:03 PM EST

Pro-this and pro-that are very simplistic ways to describe the vast majority of people, especially long-time Internet bigwigs. Almost everyone has some inconsistency, subtle or otherwise, in their belief system which only become apparent upon careful examination. To some, Vint Cerf is a tool of the man; to others, he's one of the last remaining Old Ones who watch over the Internet and protect it from anything that might harm it.

Vint Cerf's credentials (3.60 / 5) (#2)
by h2odragon on Fri Nov 17, 2000 at 06:08:53 PM EST

...weighed by simplistic, inaccurate, and subjective means, suitable for misquoting by the major media outlet of your choice. I'm a Postel fan, myself.

[@fubar rfc]$ grep -il "postel" rfc[0-9]*.txt | wc -l
[@fubar rfc]$ grep -il "cerf" rfc[0-9]*.txt | wc -l

Or, if you prefer the electoral vote:

[@fubar rfc]$ grep -ic "postel" rfc-index.txt
[@fubar rfc]$ grep -ic "cerf" rfc-index.txt

My RFC mirror was last updated Jul 4th 2000; which should be complete for these purposes. TCP/IP and all the man's other laudable accomplishments notwithstanding I think we have to lay more of the blame for the 'net as we know it at Postel's feet.

Postel for Saint!

It's too bad he's dead. (eom) (3.00 / 2) (#4)
by jabber on Fri Nov 17, 2000 at 07:11:50 PM EST


[TINK5C] |"Is K5 my kapusta intellectual teddy bear?"| "Yes"
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Vinton Cerf new head of ICANN | 6 comments (3 topical, 3 editorial, 0 hidden)
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