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What's the point?

By rusty in News
Thu Dec 30, 1999 at 10:46:09 PM EST
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Jemaleddin writes "So what exactly are you planning with this thing? I mean, is it just a worship page you set up for yourself? Or what? Cause I liked the top 10 - but I get the feeling that I'm the only person in the world that's seen it...." Well, that's a damn good question, Jemaleddin. I don't rightly know myself. But I'll take a guess.

So what is the point of this site? I'm pretty sure it won't be a self-worship site. I'm not really all into the self-worship thing. Although I did have this dream once where I was up on this podium, and millions of tiny midget Elvises were all throwing pickles at me. Didn't quite know what to make of that.

My plans are pretty vague at this point. I wanted to try out the slash code for one thing. Well, mission accomplished there. I also felt like I needed a place to put my stuff, and a place I could spew random info, news, gossip, or what have you. And now that this thing's all started, I feel obligated to put some effort into maintaining it.

So, definite plans include doing more Ten Best's, and since I read alot, some book reviews. Those might be of the ten-second variety, since I am lazy.

I'm a web applications developer, so there will likely be some ranting about perl, apache, Linux, and/or OSS. Witness the recent Review of the Slash Code. There may also be some OSS projects coming out of my current employer some time in the near future, so this might be a news spot for those as well.

There's also, of course, Log (from BLAMMO!), where I just report what's going on in my life. I guess that'd be the self-worship part. I'll try not to make it too worshipful.

So what it all adds up to is a kind of online version of me. Why do you care? Well, maybe you don't. But maybe you'd like me, if you met me. So here ya go. Me only digital. And you probably are the only person in the world who saw the Ten Best. Rome wasn't burned in a day, you know. :-)

If anyone thinks they know just what would belong on this site, or wants to contribute, please email or use the story submission form.


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