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13 Aug 2020 xerox   » (Observer)

Read Jason Ford's answer to Is the prison system barbaric? on Quora

17 Apr 2020 robogato   » (Master)

Ron Economos (w6rz@comcast.net)

5 Mar 2020 sye   » (Apprentice)

downloaded docker.dmg (675M)... after running 'sysctl ken.hv_support' to ensure hipervisor is supported by Mac hardware... also noted that VirtualBox ( ater a certain version) is NOT compaitble with Docker Desktop... so competing vendor rivalry there, ah?

19 Jan 2020 4sunbury   » (Observer)

The beggar's song

translated by Mike R. Burch, orginal Rainier

Rainer Maria Rilke translated by Michael Burch

I live outside your gates,

exposed to the rain, exposed to the sun;

sometimes I’ll cradle my right ear

in my right palm;

then when I speak my voice sounds strange,

alien . . .

I’m unsure whose voice I’m hearing:

mine or yours.

I implore a trifle;

the poets cry for more.

Sometimes I cover both eyes

and my face disappears;

there it lies heavy in my hands

looking peaceful, unafraid,

so that no one would ever think

I have no place to lay my head.

Michael R. Burch’s poems and translations have appeared in hundreds of literary journals. He also edits www.thehypertexts.com and has served as guest editor of international poetry and translations for Better Than Starbucks.

24 Sep 2019 demo   » (Apprentice)

Read Stephen Dowell's answer to What is the biggest missed opportunity yet in the video game industry? on Quora

19 Sep 2019 iTV   » (Observer)

https://www.saatchiart.com/satoshin - C'est moi!

11 Sep 2019 advogato   » (Master)

Read Mikko Rivio (中不聪 非一休)'s answer to Which of the top 10 cryptocoins by market cap.: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, USDT and XLM do you think do or don't deserve their position and why? on Quora

17 Jul 2019 new   » (Observer)

微信世界里的不平等条约- 应投稿及之前多次遭清华校友群主的弹剋而引发的思考

个人与组织/社群的关系到底该如何处置? 美国口语中有"pet peeve: something that a particular person finds especially annoying." 对本孤家寡人而言, 某些微信群主要求成员必须上报实名、实地、实业 是最明摆的軟弱无能。群主以身相许的 “实”能否让我辈之 徒有“虚”名的人自生慚愧呢?这当然是公说公的道,婆自有婆的理。这回本寡人还意想天开的要图个名,投份稿件到 清华大学1984级征文项目组。写稿自然是自得其勇,分享给蜜友更是其乐无穷。交稿审批问题就来了。我就觉得和征文项目组 直接对话非常撇妞。当然这名为“征文” 姓为“项目组”的 意见多是替我的文字 替广大读者着想。既然我露了真身,为何不能企望 有个当小差的也能将其尊名写在大衙門的大名之后呢?

无非,让异想天开由寡人独占 实有不公之嫌啊,对不

20 Oct 2017 badvogato   » (Master)

yo. we are half-empty but NOT DEAD. and you can't eat word on your diary... be aware

21 Sep 2015 guest   » (Observer)

Hello World... Close the door behind you, pretty please?

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